Press conference

An impressive venue hall of moderate costs in the heart of the city.

Why is it worth choosing us?
  • it is the newest and most modern venue hall in town
  • it can be opened into a beautiful terrace providing a unique, special outdoor venue from spring till autumn
  • it can room at most as many as 84 guests
  • everything is provided from parking to catering for guests as well as press reception
  • our hall can be arranged both in U-shape or rows of seats
  • finger food, cocktail bits, sandwiches or brunch can be provided if necessary
  • a laptop, presenter, pulpit, amplifying and extra lights can be provided if it is needed
  • for illumination or cameras of high technical needs special high-voltage power-supply is available
  • the private changing-room with a bathroom provides maximum comfort for excutives or speakers
csokonai deluxe